Quit Smoking with Hypnosis DVD

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Stop Smoking
in two hours
(in the privacy of your own home)

1,000,000 clients, over 25 years experience - now at your fingertips!


You will be amazed!

Why didn’t someone tell me about this sooner?

I didn’t know quitting could be so easy!

Hypnosis can eliminate you desire and craving for cigarettes. You may have friends who have quit smoking with hypnosis.  The method is simple.   The hypnotist guides you into a hypnotic state and then plants specific suggestions into your mind so that you lose the desire and craving for cigarettes; if he does a thorough job, he will plant suggestions to make you respond to cigarettes the way non-smokers do – with slight repulsion and disgust.  There are very few things in life that you will do if you find them repulsive and disgusting!

It is that easy? Watch the video; let us guide you through the hypnotic process and stop smoking once it’s over.  It is that easy.  Then reinforce the hypnosis (18 minutes) for a few days using our hypnosis reinforcement.  It is included in the program.

"Quitting was never easier. I had absolutely no nicotine fits - my family is so grateful and my son has had no asthma attacks since I quit. Thank you.." S. Gonzales; AK

With the Stop Smoking  with Hypnosis DVD program, you can stop smoking quickly, safely and with no discomfort.

"It has been unbelievable! I can talk on the phone without smoking. I can eat and not have a cigarette for dessert! I smell better and I have saved money. I am pleased to be a non-smoker!" Tammy Winter; SD

Hypnosis works to change your habits and desires so that will power is not needed.  If you don’t desire a cigarette, you feel no need to smoke.   

The Stop Smoking with Hypnosis video will take you step by step through a powerful hypnotic process that has helped thousands and thousands of people successfully quit smoking. Plus, we will include a FREE special reinforcement hypnosis, so that you can get a hypnosis boost whenever you need one.

Can I be hypnotized at home?  In a private hypnosis session, you would spend a few minutes discussing hypnosis with the hypnotist and then when it was time to be hypnotized, he would ask you to close your eyes and then using his voice he would guide you through a hypnotic process. This is the same process we use in our special DVD program. In Part 1, the hypnotist explains hypnosis and then when it is time to do the hypnosis, the hypnotist on the DVD will direct you through the hypnotic process.

Is it safe? We all move into light hypnotic states all the time.  They are typically referred to as “light trance”.  In a daydream, you are in a light trance. If you get lost in thought on the highway and miss your exit, you were in a light trance. If you are absorbed in a book and don’t hear someone calling you, you were in a trance state.  We move in and out of light trance often.  Can I go too deep?  If you get too relaxed, you may fall asleep and have a short nap.  Hypnosis is very natural, we move in and out of these states all day.

How soon will I see results?  Immediately! The hypnosis is designed so that you will stop smoking at the end of the hypnotic session.   In just 2 hours you can become a non-smoker!

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